Main Scientific Interests

1932-1936 geterogeneous catalis(?) and absorption (experimentel and theoretical works). Adsorption --- Ph.D. thesis theme.

1935-1940 nitrogenium oxiation into fire and explosions (experimentel works at laboretory and semimanufacture stuff). Nitrogenium oxiation --- Dr. of Sci. Thesis theme.

1937-1941, 1945-1948 theories of burning, ignition and flame expansion.

Σ 1938 shock waves, detonation, hasodynamics of explosion.

1939-1940 Uranium ΔΕΜΕΞΙΡ theory

1941-1948 interlam ballistics of weapon and powder burning theory.

1943-1963 Soviet Atomic Project.

Σ 1952 nuclear and elemethary particles physics; muons caltalis; new isothopes prediction (particulary He8); new types of particles decay (pi+ -> pi0 + e+ + v); vector currents; heavy mesons theory.

Σ 1965 relativistic astrpohysics and cosmology:

-- creation of Black Holes and Neutron Stars as the last stages of normal stars evolution, emission of energy and X-ray radiation ... accretion of matter onto Black Holes
-- evolution of Hot(?) Universe, microwave background radiation, creation of galaxies and large scale structure, inflation theory of young Universe