In the early 1980s, our understanding of binary star evolution allowed us to construct a general evolutionary scenario which successfully explained the genesis of well-studied normal stars and offered potential explanation for new X-ray sources discovered in space experiments.

It was recognized then that the evolution of binary systems looks like a branching genealogical tree whose nodes include important physical processes, such as the mass exchange between binary components, the common envelope stage (CE), loss of orbital angular momentum at the expense of gravitational wave emission and the magnetic stellar wind, etc.

Here we present WWW-version of our code. At the present time it allows you to obtain evolutionary track of the close binary system with different parameters, which you determine yourself. Please, read "How all this stuff work" in order to get more information about the code and its opportunities, and read "Credits" in order to get some information about the Demiurgs of the code and its WWW-version. To build your own track follow "Go to evolutionary track constructor". Welcome to the WWW-world of close binaries! Good luck!

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