Astronomical Journals, Newsletters etc.

General Preprints Archive
SISSA Astro-ph, General and Mirror

ADS NASA Astrophysics Data System Abstract Service
Mirrors: UK, DE, ESO(DE).
SDC CDS Service for Published Tables (Strasbourg)

Astrophysics & Astronomy
Nature International weekly journal of science
A&A(SS) Astronomy and Astrophysics , Supplement Series , Letters (Full Text) and Instructions
ApJ Astrophysical Journal
MNRAS Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
AJ Astronomical Journal
NewA New Astronomy
PASP Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
AnnRev Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics
IAUC IAU Circular: (New - local only) and (Global)
GCN GCN Circular

Less Popular Astronomical Journals
A Sp Phys Astrophysics and Space Physics Reviews
ActaA Acta Astronomica Archive (Poland)
ANach Astronomische Nachrichten
NuovoCi Nuovo Cimento (Italy)
STScI News Space Telescope Insitute Newsletter
Active Gal Active Galaxies Newsletter
Be News Be Star Newsletter
Dlt Scu Delta Scuti Star Newsletter
IBVS Information Bulletin on Variable Stars
IRAM IRAM Newsletters
MCl News Magellanic Clouds Newsletter
Gal Center Newsletter for Galactic Center Research
SNR & IMS Supernova Remnants & the Interstellar Medium
Hot Star Hot Star Newsletter
Pecul News Peculiar Newsletter (IAU WorkGroup on Ap Stars)
AGB News Stellar Evolution on the AGB Newsletter
JA Data Journal of Astronomical Data
NA Skies North American Skies
DMS News Dutch Meteor Society Newsletter
History Working Group for the History of Astronomy
IAU IB IAU Information Bulletin: Latest issue and Other

Phys Rev Physical Review OnLine Archives (PROLA)
Phys Rev D Physical Review D online
Phys Rev T Physical Review T
Ph Rev Lett Physical Review Letters (1992-1994)
GRG Gravitation and Cosmology (Contents)
CQG Classical and Quantum Gravity
App Ph Lett Applied Physics Letters
Comp Phys Computers in Physics
JHEP Journal of High-Energy Physics (mirror in CERN) [astro, grav, hi-energy ...]

Space, Selectial mechanics, etc
AdvSR Advances in Space Research
Icarus International Journal of Solar System Studies
ESO Mess ESO Messenger

Russian Journals
AZh Astronomicheskii Zhurnal (Astronomy Reports)
PAZh Pisma v Astron. Zhurn. (Astronomy Letters)
Astronomicheskii Tsirkulyar (Astronomical Circular)
AVest Astronomicheskii Vestnik (Solar System Research)
ZhETF Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics
and Contents
P ZhETF Pis'ma v ZhETF (Contents)
UFN Uspekhi Fizicheskih Nauk and Contents
G&C Gravitation and Cosmology (Contents)
INASAN Preprints of INASAN
Ch&Live Chemistry & Live (Popular)
JTF Technical Physics (Ioffe Inst.)
PJTF Technical Physics Letters (Ioffe Inst.)
FTT Physics of the Solid State (Ioffe inst.)
FTP Semiconductors (Ioffe inst.)
JEPT Inzhenerno-Fizicheskij Zhurnal (Belorussia)
Prir Priroda (Nature)
RSB Russian Space Bulletin
Poisk Weekly Newspaper of Russian Science Society

Amateur Astronomer Journals
Scientific American (Now & in 19th Century)
Science Online
American Scientist
Sky and Telescope
SKY Online
Astronomy Magazine
Zvezdotchet (Stargazer)
The Astronomer
Journal of the British Astronomical Association
Space Bound
Amateur Telescope Making Journal