All-Moscow Seminar of Astrophysicists

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Colloquium on the problem of gamma-ray bursts and related phenomenae

Moscow, SAI November 13, 1998

The previous colloquim took place in May 1997
The discovery of the optical, IR, X-rays counterparts for gamma-ray bursts gave a great opportunity for the development and verifications of theories of the origination of gamma-ray bursts.

The Organizing committee with great interest will examine all proposed talks. 10-15 minutes talks are welcomed.

Submit your talks and comments to coordinators.

We suggest you to send electronic versions of the talks and "e-posters", which can be put in this page (in English or in Russian).

Limited number of travel grants inside Former Soviet Union is available. Submitt your applications to coordinators.
Date of the colloqium 13 November 1998
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    Organizing committee: V.M. Lipunov (chair), V.S. Beskin, S.I. Blinnikov, I.G. Mitrofanov, K.A. Postnov, V.G. Kurt, A.D. Kaminker

    Speakers: Rozental' I.L., Sokolov V.V., Bisnovatii-Kogan G.S., Blinnikov S.I., Lipunov V.M., Panchenko I.E., Livshits M.A., A.V. Bogomolov, M.I. Kudravtsev, Yu.N. Gnedin ....

    Coordinators of the Colloquium:

    Mikhail E. Prokhorov(

    Sergei B. Popov (

    TelePhone Phone: 939-50-06
    ( Relativistic Astrophysics Department)

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